Friday, February 24, 2012

New everything

So, It is has been like, ever since I have posted anything on here. And time for another shift to this thing. At some point I am sure I will have a clear focus on where I want this blog to go, but who knows when that will be?

Anyhow, New Everything. Yes, New Year, new town, new house.

We moved to Chicago in June of 2011 from the much despised South Carolina. Not that I hated South Carolina. I loved the friends we made, and the times we shared, but holy shit is the weather there horrible. Hot, humid, and alligators every two inches. I have always wanted to experience this thing known as "seasons". I have seen this phenomenon on TV where the leaves actually change color and fall off the trees, and white stuff falls from the sky. I thought this was Hollywood trickery until a last October. Who knew that was real? It gets realllly pretty around here in the fall. I wish I had a greater talent in photo taking.
I mean is that not awesome?
And look at what happens in "Winter" here
HOLY CRAP! Yeah, and that wasn't filtered or edited in anyway. My camera actually caught how damn cold it was that day. So basically I lost where I was going with this, but to sum it all up, all that Hollywood "seasons" crap, It's real!

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