Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wall Tats!

Yesterday, I may have mentioned that my walls are nice people. Since they really are good folk, I decided to give them some tattoos, cause who doesn't want ink, amiright?
Behold my walls new ink

That one says, "Every Child is an Artist." Picasso.

That is a tree full of birds, because who doesn't want to think about having birds attack you on the way down to a dark, and scary basement that also doubles as a playroom for my messy as hell kids? I know I do!

I love doing this kind of thing when the husband is at work.

He comes home, throws all his crap down and starts walking to his office.
I, meanwhile am sitting innocently on the couch, just waiting for it.
There is the sounds of  typing, paper shuffling, a sigh.
Footsteps back into the living room.
"Soooo, when did we get money for all this, and really? Every Child is an Artist? Really?"
Innocent stare from me.
Sigh from him.
Steps back into the office.

I like to spice shit up for him. Also, we have had this stuff lying around here for years, I just never did anything with it, so :P

Also, I finally got some sleep last night! This calls for an UBER Awesome.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogging ideas and Insomnia

I am having the most persistent feeling that I had the best blog idea I will ever have last night. Can’t remember what the hell it was, not even a little bit. Why is it that I have these simply AMAZING blog ideas when I am trying to go to sleep, which keep me from sleep (Insomnia is a bitch that I would like to slap so HARD), but the next day, once I have struggled through the haze of a whole 3 hours sleep, I cannot remember one damn word of the million awesome ideas I had all night long? I am going to have to start bringing a pen and pad to bed with me. At least then I will have a productive sleepless night, though the walls might miss me staring at them. I think they will understand though. They seem nice.

I really need to get more sleep. 

That kind of sleep would be much appreciated.. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

New everything

So, It is has been like, ever since I have posted anything on here. And time for another shift to this thing. At some point I am sure I will have a clear focus on where I want this blog to go, but who knows when that will be?

Anyhow, New Everything. Yes, New Year, new town, new house.

We moved to Chicago in June of 2011 from the much despised South Carolina. Not that I hated South Carolina. I loved the friends we made, and the times we shared, but holy shit is the weather there horrible. Hot, humid, and alligators every two inches. I have always wanted to experience this thing known as "seasons". I have seen this phenomenon on TV where the leaves actually change color and fall off the trees, and white stuff falls from the sky. I thought this was Hollywood trickery until a last October. Who knew that was real? It gets realllly pretty around here in the fall. I wish I had a greater talent in photo taking.
I mean is that not awesome?
And look at what happens in "Winter" here
HOLY CRAP! Yeah, and that wasn't filtered or edited in anyway. My camera actually caught how damn cold it was that day. So basically I lost where I was going with this, but to sum it all up, all that Hollywood "seasons" crap, It's real!