Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogging ideas and Insomnia

I am having the most persistent feeling that I had the best blog idea I will ever have last night. Can’t remember what the hell it was, not even a little bit. Why is it that I have these simply AMAZING blog ideas when I am trying to go to sleep, which keep me from sleep (Insomnia is a bitch that I would like to slap so HARD), but the next day, once I have struggled through the haze of a whole 3 hours sleep, I cannot remember one damn word of the million awesome ideas I had all night long? I am going to have to start bringing a pen and pad to bed with me. At least then I will have a productive sleepless night, though the walls might miss me staring at them. I think they will understand though. They seem nice.

I really need to get more sleep. 

That kind of sleep would be much appreciated.. 

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