Friday, September 24, 2010

Whew! That was one hell of a Mabon. It took me two days to recover from. I was cooking for nearly eight hours on Wednesday, but it was pure AWESOME! I would like to say that apple tarts are like sex, truly. I have never had a food that tasted as good as that thing did. I promised pictures and I shall deliver. Sadly, I was so busy I didn't think to take a bunch at the time. I was just really happy when I didn't have to stand in front of a 450 F oven anymore. 

This is the Beef and Barley Veggie Soup. In about the 3rd hour of cooking.

The beginning stages of my homemade cornucopia and the book that helped me make it ( and my awesome Halloween socks) 

So, here is the frame from the cornucopia. 

Side view of the above photo. 
The Beef and Barley Veggie Stew in about the 2nd hour of cooking. 

My Honey Whole Wheat bread before it is about to go into the oven. 

The completed bread. 

The dinner didn't end till nearly 10pm, but man it was good. Plus it was great to hang out with my neighbors, play with my kids, and eat sex on a crust (the tart). Oh my, I think I see where they get the derogatory term tart from now. 

Anyhow, off to clean the house, and make Thai Papaya Salad with my exchange student tonight! That is another post all together.


Cary said...

The tastings you shared with me were divine! Thank you very are a great cook!

Me said...

I am so glad you liked it! :) You are so sweet!