Monday, March 5, 2012

Movie and TV badasses and why I love them

So it has been awhile since I posted about my awesome wall tats. This is mainly because I have been really extra busy playing the Sims because it is an awesome game. Also my husband decided to drag me out on a 3 hour, 3 store grocery shopping marathon, that in the long run did actually save us money, but more on that in a different post. This post is about my realization that I love bad guys. Not in real life though. I love the villains in TV or movies. Waaaaay more than the one that I am "supposed" to like.

Such as:

Severus Snape(pardon for using Wikipedia but it gives very extensive explanation of the character.) He is dark, greasy, and throughout most of the "Harry Potter" books he was thought to be the worst sort of traitor. Even before the amazing Mr. Rickman played the part in the movies I was in love with Snape. While many saw him as those terrible things I mentioned above I saw him as lonely, scared, tired, compassionate, loving, dedicated, and in dire need of a friend. And boy howdy how I wished I could have been that friend. This character was the type of person that once he let down his guard enough to be a friend, he was one damn loyal and loving friend. The character I was supposed to have loved was Harry Potter and the Golden Trio, but to me, while yes, they were and still are amazing, I could have totally read the books from the POV of Snape. Don't kill me Harry Potter fans! I am one of you! I grew up with these books and am currently trying to get my kids to love them as much as I do. I am still working on that, damn kids these days, grumble grumble.

Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin: I mean come on, he is Rumpelstiltskin. The dude stole babies for kicks. But this one, played by Robert Carlyle whom though I have never seen in any other roles besides this one, is one goddamn amazing actor. You have GOT to see him in action to understand this. Watch this linky to understand what I am talking about. Freaking chills amiright? Now, I am supposed to be enamored with Prince Charming. I don't see it. Prince Charming is too brash, loud, whiney, boring, sappy, plain annoying for me. I love Mr. Gold because he is so complex. There is the evil, yes, you can't have Rumpelstiltskin without that, but there is also a huge desire to be loved and wanted. In the "Once Upon a Time" series he became this evil monster to save his young son from going to a war where he would defiantly die. He was the Beast in the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. Belle saw underneath to who he really was, and he let her. It was damn beautiful. Much better, in my opinion, than the love story between Snow White and Prince Charming. Of course, being who he was, it didn't end well, but it did show that he was just a lonely, sad man, also in dire need of friendship and love. Again, I would have been first in line for that job.

Monroe: The not so badass anymore Wieder Blutbad in the new series "Grimm". While he isn't so much a "villian", he isn't the main charater, the one I am supposed to be focused on. He is the sometimes informant to Detective/Grimm Nick Burckhardt, the main character by the way. I am much more of a Monroe fan than a Nick fan. Monroe is so damn normal and nerdy it is sexy, considering he is a Blutbad, which is the Big Bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. I mean the man works on clocks/watches for a living, is a vegetarian, and wears huge clunky sweaters all the time. Plus he keeps the neatest house I have ever seen. Ever. But, when he is needed, holy shit does he go all Big Bad Wolf on that ass. I love that. He is so unassuming at first glance, but someone needs his help, watch out, he will rip your throat out. That is why I like him so much more than Nick. Nick is cool in his own way, but he just seems so one dimensional to me. Wooo! A Grimm (basically the police of the fairy tale world) is a police man in this world. Who would have seen that one coming. I mean really? I would not have seen the sweet, watch nerd, classical music loving, vegetarian, clunky sweater collector, next door neighbor as the FREAKING BIG BAD WOLF! He deserves more airtime then he is getting, for sure.

Spike: (more wikipedia, sorry again) Ahhh, Spike. He is by far the best character on Buffy. Then Willow is next, then Giles, the rest ehh. Now back to Spike. He was such a baddy. But then he wasn't. He was just damn adorable throughout the entire series. He was again, very complex. He loved, he hated, he wasn't freaking perfect in everything he did. He wasn't the perfect baddy, he loved, a batshit crazy chick, but he still felt that emotion. He was damn sure not a perfect good guy. Good lord was that man messed up when he was "good", but so, so damn adorable. He just wanted some love Buffy! Dammit. Now, compare that with Angel, the one I was supposed to love, which I really didn't, not on Buffy anyhow. On his own show he was decent enough. Angel was the most uber perfect boyfriend and good guy you could find anywhere. When he was good, he was too good. It was to sicking, I needed to see him trip or have a boogy or something for pete's sake. And when he was bad, he was BAAADD. No emotion, no love, no anything, just kill all the things! In other words, he was also just one dimensional. Nothing to make him seem like he could possibly be real. He was just to....everything. It wasn't right. Spike on the other hand, he was messed up, like everyone.

And now to my all time favorite baddy and the first one who set me upon the trail of loving the ones not meant to be.

Jareth: Oh yes, the Goblin King. The whole reason I love the shit out of David Bowie. Why do I love Jareth? Because dammit, he just wanted someone to love and to love him! Yes, his methods of getting that could have been a bit better, i.e. don't steal babies, but again, he just wanted a friend, a lover, someone besides those dumb as a box of rocks goblins. Those guys were idiots. I love his so much that in fact I totally despise the main character Sarah. She is such a whiny little bad word I shouldn't say. Selfish. I cannot stand to even hear her voice most of the time. Giving poor Jareth such false hope. Bah, she needs a smack upside the head. Plus that she damn near lost her baby brother. Again, selfish, and I should stop talking about her before I devolve into just spitting at pictures of her. She didn't deserve Jareth anyway. I mean see? He just wanted a chance to tell her she was beautiful and he cared about her. Does she let him? Freaking no. Bah. Well, I will concede he shouldn't have drugged her to do that. Also they REALLY shouldn't have cast someone that looked 12 to play the love interest of someone who looks 40. That was a bit creepy, even when I was 8.

Anyhow, as you can see, I love the complicated, misunderstood, dark guy in the corner. Which now that I think about it, explains a lot about why I love my husband. I just want to be these guys friend. They just need HUGS! I can give hugs. Lots and lots.
Anyhow, I just had to get it out there that in many cases the supposed "bad guy" is in fact the most complex one in the entire story. Look a bit deeper, and don't judge them based on what others think. And that goes for the real world as well.

And now a photo collage of the movie men I love, for well, my pleasure really.

They are all amazingly HOT. Good day. And you are welcome.

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